English Learning

Improving the school’s English environment is pertinent to our students’ English language efficacy.


Below are three aims that have been put forward to address this issue:

  • To equip our students with specific skills and knowledge for the HKDSE exam
  • To raise the effectiveness of teaching strategies and enhance our students’ learning motivation.
  • To enhance students’ English ability.


To ensure that students have the highest possible amount of exposure to English, class allocation of English-related subjects is as follows:


The development of our students’ English language skills are addressed by the school’s efforts in creating an English-rich environment both within and outside the classroom, where students of all levels are able to benefit from and enhance their language skills at their own pace through authentic experiences. Verisimilitude or authenticity is attained via the following aspects:


  • Regular school English activities within school hours

English Week

English Day

English Language Institute/China (ELIC) Summer Camp

WSE Cosmopolitan Youth English Summer Camp

English Ambassadors

S.1 Outing to Stanley

S.2 Oxbridge Summer Camp

S.3 Synergy Summer Camp

Elite Study Circles

Fashion Show

Inter-class Poem Reading Aloud Competition

Inter-class English Song Singing Contest

Other learning activities include:


  • S.1 ‘Table Manners’ Activity
  • Talent Quest
  • Morning Sharing
  • Inter-school Oral Practice


Extended Learning Activities


Overseas Study Tours

Self-directed Learning Activities


  • MySmartABC
  • S.1-S.3 Online Reading Assessment
  • Junior Form Self-study Kit
  • e-Class Platform Sharing
  • Active Listening
  • Word Cards
  • Drama Appreciation-- ‘From Page to Stage’



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